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Grounded Apparel Co.

Inspired by coffee to protect coffee for years to come. Grounded Apparel was founded to make t-shirts, and other apparel, that would truly show our love for coffee, but we also wanted to make apparel that helped others. The coffee industry is spread across 70 countries, it is worth over 100 billion Dollars, and 125 million people depend on coffee for their livelihoods, but this might all be in jeopardy. The coffee industry is battling climate change and economic hardships, but with an projected increase in demand for coffee and decrease in viable land, we are in a crisis.

Grounded Apparel is giving 15% of our proceeds to Coffee Kids, an organization dedicated to help  young coffee farmers earn more and overcome the coffee crisis. With every 10 dollars donated, Coffee Kids provides 1 hour of training to the next generation. In order for us to drink coffee in the future we must help the next generation overcome this crisis.

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By 2050, 60% of the land for growing coffee will be unsuitable for coffee production, in the countries that produce 47% of all the coffee.
- World Coffee Research 

Hours of Training your Purchases Have Sponsored:

5 Hours

15% of our proceeds are directly given to CoffeeKids to help the next generation of coffee farmers thrive and to provide coffee for years to come! At just 10 dollars a month, you provide 1 hour of training for a young coffee farmer. Please go to our about page to learn more!