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Whether you’re the family member who brews their own coffee at home, the friend who spends 6.00 on black coffee because it's a Gesha, you roast your own coffee, or you own a cafe, our clothes are for those that have a heart and dedication to the craft of coffee. The heart of Grounded Apparel is to wear our passion on our sleeves and to help coffee farmers thrive. Stop wearing those basic shirts, and get a shirt that shows who you really are and helps those that need it the most.  

The current trend in Coffee is building up to a possible crisis which comes from three major fronts. The first, and most devastating, is climate change, which affects the ability to grow coffee. "Today, nearly half (47%) of current coffee production comes from countries, predicted to lose more than 60% of their
suitable coffee areas by 2050" (WCR, 2017). As well, without access to more resilient plants and new agriculture practices to deal with climate change, we have the possibility to end up with a total collapse of the coffee industry. The other two major obstacles for the future of coffee, is the growing lack of economic sustainability and the reduction of young coffee farmers.

Historically speaking coffee is a colonial crop, therefore, has been built on low economic reward and high risk for those growing coffee. We have seen in 2000 that coffee can collapse due to this economic model, which lead to the abandonment of coffee as a crop. In that same time, we have learned  that coffee is susceptible to disease that can destroy entire farms;  climate change is exacerbating different agriculture diseases. We have to change the economic model to help keep the coffee tradition alive. Therefore, we have partnered with Coffee Kids to help young coffee farmers learn the skills necessary to survive the future.

Coffee kids has been around since 1988, and has programs within Trifino and Columbia, as well as, Tanzania. Coffee Kids has recently become part of Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung North America (a 501(c)(3) charity), which works with many countries and many partners to increase the sustainability of coffee and improve economic conditions for coffee farmers. Coffee Kids helps young farmers develop the necessary skills to deal with current economic conditions by connecting them to the coffee industry through mentors, training for practices to deal with agriculture challenges due to climate change and, microloans to grow their business and give back to their own community. Coffee is a community and is not a commodity.

Grounded Apparel was made for the coffee community; those who work with coffee, those who grow coffee, and those who love coffee. With every purchase we donate 15% of our proceeds to Coffee Kids. These proceeds will be used to sponsor one hour of training for a young farmer. One hour of training is JUST 10 dollars a month!  Through your support we all empower the next generation of coffee farmers. Help our future by wearing your passion!  

Visit our partner page if you would like to directly donate to Coffee Kids!

Thank you!

- Grounded Apparel Co.